It’s Time

Financial services is usually a step or two slower than other industries when it comes to change. We know this.

Financial Advisor’s Guide to Compliant IM and Collaboration

As the financial industry migrates en masse towards new collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack, it's essential that firms take proactive steps to expand their supervisory programs to mitigate regulatory risk. Download the Financial Advisor's Guide to Compliant IM and Collaboration to learn the key steps to getting ahead - and staying ahead - of today's evolving instant message and collaboration technologies.

WealthTech Insights #9 with Alex Chalekian: Future of Robo-Advisors and Financial Advisors

For over 19 years, Alex has been dedicated to assisting his clients in working towards their financial goals. He has served as a financial consultant to many successful professionals, business owners, and retirees. In this interview, Alex shares his views on the future for financial advisors depending on whether they take advantage of using robo-advisors; …